It was the British Chancellor moment to take centre stage, proudly boasting how the "bold decisions" in his Budget would put the "next generation first" and make the country "strong in the world".

But George Osborne found himself somewhat upstaged by the Home Secretary's outfit, a cleavage-boosting number which provoked almost as much debate as the Budget itself.

A lacy bra peeking out from underneath her red dress, Theresa May caused quite the stir on Twitter, dividing opinion between those who labelled the outfit a "distraction" and others frustrated that the talking point threatened to overshadow such an important announcement.

One Twitter user queried whether the dress was a "distraction technique" to take the focus off Mr Osborne's grim figures on economic growth and the public finances. A sugar tax on soft drinks was also a surprise announcement in the package.


@Shysarah101 wrote: "Did anyone else notice Theresa May's cleavage during the #Budget #distractiontechnique."

User @minniesmum tweeted: "What was Theresa May thinking - a red push up bra??????? #Budget2016", while Terry Rutter was even more scathing: "Will someone tell Theresa May to cover her chest I'm having my tea."
But other Twitter users were dismayed by the extensive online discussion about Mrs May's breasts, branding it "everyday sexism" and "ridiculous" and lamenting how it was "dumbing down politics".

One, Kate Maltby wrote: "Seriously. Women have breasts, people. Even if they're Home Secretary. And even if they're over 40. *goes back to bed* #theresamay."

Despite the backlash, plenty more remarks were made about how Mrs May's choice of outfit had set tongues wagging.

One Tweeter wrote: "I think Theresa May may have just #broketheinternet", a reference to Kim Kardashian's famous magazine cover photo from November 2014.

- Daily Mail