The family of Perth man Paul Weeks, a passenger on Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, is suing the airline for damages, lodging their claims just days before the statute of limitations was reached.

Five writs were lodged in the Supreme Court of WA in Australia seeking damages for the "sudden shock" and "mental harm" Mr Weeks' family suffered after his death.

The writs were lodged on March 4, Perth's Sunday Times reported, four days before the two year anniversary of the flights' mystery disappearance.

The statute of limitations requires legal action within two years of an event.


Mr Weeks' wife Danica, New Zealand-based sister Sara, brother Peter and mother Prudence Tomblin are each suing the airline independently.

Danica also launched a separate legal bid on behalf of their young sons, Lincoln, five, and two-year-old Jack, covering lost earnings, financial loss, funeral costs and damages for the loss of Mr Weeks' luggage.

"The cause of the plaintiff's pain, injury, loss and damage was negligence of the defendant," their writs state.

The family is also claiming for 6 per cent of interest on damages and reimbursement of their legal costs.

The doomed flight went missing on March 8, 2014, shortly after taking off from the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur.

The plane has never been found.

In January last year the Malaysian Government announced all 239 passengers and crew on board were presumed dead.