A persistent beggar in an English town centre has received death threats after he was filmed getting into his sports car.

Matthew Brinton - who is regularly seen in Newquay, Cornwall, with his border collie Hazel - was captured with his Audi TT.

But the 35-year-old said the car was bequeathed to him by his grandmother and was stolen soon after the film appeared on social media.

More than 100 people have commented on the post, stating they feel "conned" after giving Brinton food and money as he was portraying himself as being homeless, when in reality he has somewhere to live in Newquay.


Brinton said the abuse he has received is pushing him towards contemplating suicide.

He claimed he had not eaten for days following the post as people have become less sympathetic to his situation. It had also put his stay at a friend's house in Newquay under threat.

Brinton said: "I have not seen any of the social media posts because I do not have access to the internet, but according to the police I've had lots of death threats.

"People are assuming too much and I'm getting a lot of abuse, which is pushing me to suicide.

"This has been going on for years. There is only so much someone can take."

It comes after a conman was sentenced for posing as a homeless former Paratrooper begging to survive to trick members of the public into giving him up to £5000 ($10,535) in loose change.

Stewart Fenton, 38, who has never served in the army, lived his lie for six months as he begged on the streets of a busy seaside town.

He wore a maroon jumper commemorating the D-Day landings and held two cardboard signs claiming he had served in the 7th Parachute Regiment of the Royal Horse Artillery.

Fenton was given a 16-week jail sentence, suspended for two years, by magistrates who said he emotionally blackmailed people.

And, earlier this week, it emerged that an illegal street beggar in Wolverhampton is earning up to £500 a day despite not being homeless.

The unnamed man has been targeting shoppers and commuters and making the equivalent of £2500 a week.