This is the moment a huge silver back gorilla showed visitors at a Nebraskan zoo that it was sick of being stared at when it nearly broke through its enclosure window in an attempt to charge a young girl.

In the 20-second clip titled "A three inch piece of glass between life and death", the little girl is filmed beating her chest and making noises at the gorillas from behind the safety of the enclosure's viewing window.

In the background, the girl's family can be heard laughing as she continues to goad the animals.

However, not everyone is as amused, and within seconds one of the enclosure's gorillas begins charging towards the glass and at the little girl.


Fists clenched, the disgruntled gorilla leaps from the ground and into window, causing the thick glass to partially shatter.

The video was uploaded to YouTube on Thursday and has received over 700,000 views in less than 24 hours.

Commenting on Reddit, the person who uploaded the video wrote: "Shortly before this we were telling the kids they could not break it. They will never believe us again."

The $14 million dollar Hubbard Gorilla Valley enclosure at Henry Dorly Zoon in Omaha was opened in 2004 and is regarded as one of the leading centres of gorilla breeding and research in the world.

It is currently home to 20 different gorillas of all ages and sexes, making it one of the biggest populations of captive apes in America.

- Independent