Palace turns high-tech as William and Harry launch search for inspirational leaders

It was only a matter of time before Buckingham Palace saw its first royal selfie.

And yesterday Princes William and Harry did just that, as they launched an online search for inspirational young people from around the Commonwealth on behalf of the Queen.

The brothers jokingly posed with internet entrepreneur Jamal Edwards, 23, on a "Twitter Mirror" which has been set up in Buckingham Palace's illustrious 1855 Room, converted to a digital hub for the day. Poking their fingers towards the lens in a Lord Kitchener "Your Country Needs You!" pose, the princes also made their own little bit of history.

A "Twitter Mirror" - basically an iPad in a frame - is a device used to tweet pictures from large-scale events on to social media.


The Queen's Young Leaders of the Commonwealth will see 240 young people who have changed their own lives as well as those of others receive awards at the palace between 2015 and 2018.

Harry said: "I have been fortunate to meet many amazing and inspirational young people in recent years. Each is unique and yet they all hold the same belief, that they can, and will, improve the lives of those around them."

William added: "Believe in yourself - you have a lot more to say than you think."

Fahma Mohamed, 17, who campaigns against female genital mutilation, and brothers Rob and Paul Forkan, who lost their parents in the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, also attended the event.

Award winners will receive a tailored package of training, mentoring and networking, and a one-week residential programme during which they will receive their award.

The project aims to further strengthen the skills and confidence of the young leaders so they can return home and inspire the next generation.

Prince Andrew became the first royal to take a "selfie" earlier this year at an event in St James's Palace.

- Daily Mail