Toronto shoppers were surprised to find a monkey dressed in a coat on the loose in a car park today.

Animal control were called after the seven-month-old rhesus macaque was spotted at the Ikea in North York about 2pm local time (8am New Zealand time).

Shopper Bronwyn Page told the Toronto Star the monkey was "running around screaming".

"There was a crowd of us around it and it seemed really scared and agitated."


Page posted several images of the monkey on social media website Twitter, showing it wearing a light brown shearling coat and nappies.

CTV News reported the animal's owners have been charged with having a prohibited animal and fined CAD$240 (NZ$291).

The monkey will not be returned to its owners and has been placed in the care of the Toronto Animal Services, CTV reported.

Toronto Police Sergeant Ed Dzingala told CBC News the monkey was in a crate within a car but had somehow let itself out.

"It's a smart monkey," he said