The live birth of a baby who was declared dead inside his mother's womb is being called a miracle.

Noah Ignacio Guzman was born at Mount Sinai Hospital in Chicago, on Thanksgiving Day, ABC7 reported. Noah, weighing 2.2kg, is now in intensive care. Dr Kimberly Sampson, of Sinai Medical Group, described it as "a miracle - you can't say anything other than that".

When mother Jocelyn Robinson and father Ignacio Guzman arrived at the hospital in an ambulance, Noah's mother was suffering severe complications. "I was scared," she said. Doctors immediately did an ultrasound.

Said Sampson, "I had to sort of be very honest with her and say, 'We don't have a heartbeat'. Another doctor came in and said, 'I'm sorry, your baby passed. We can't find the heartbeat'."


Guzman said when he was given the news, he began to cry. The placenta had blocked Ms Robinson's cervix - a condition called placenta previa - and doctors began surgery.

Then Sampson noticed the baby gasp. "The baby did it again. The team just responded immediately."