Tony Blair has revealed he would like to be British Prime Minister again.

The former Labour premier, who left Downing Street in 2007, said he would now do a better job than during his ten years in power because of what he has learned since leaving frontline politics.

Mr Blair has already confessed that he would like another big job, such as the Presidency of the European Council. But this is the first time he has confessed he would like to return to No10.

The former prime minister, now 59, admitted his prospects of a comeback - which would be the first since Harold Wilson reclaimed Downing Street in 1974 after losing a general election in 1970 - were "not very likely".


But his determination to return to the political fray is a headache for Labour leader Ed Miliband, who will be concerned that he will be overshadowed by Mr Blair.

In an interview with the London Evening Standard: "I am seeing a lot of the world and I have learned an immense amount in the past five years.

"One of my regrets is that what I have learned in the last five years would have been so useful to me [as Prime Minister]. Because when you see how the world is developing you get a far clearer picture of some of the issues our country is grappling with."

Asked directly if he would do the job again, he said: "Yes, sure, but it's not likely to happen is it."

Mr Blair also said Gordon Brown had condemned Labour to defeat by ditching the New Labour policies that got him elected three times. He accused Mr Brown of having him "forced out" of power, saying he would have liked to have stayed in the job but left to avoid a "bloody battle" with Mr Brown's supporters.

- Daily Mail