California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger had a great time visiting Russia for the last couple of days, and shared his enthusiasm with his almost two million followers on Twitter.

One highlight was going to a Moscow gym with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev where the pair pumped some iron, according to AFP.

Schwarzenegger is in Russia with a delegation of high-tech executives after he promised Medvedev to help him with his plan to wean Russia off its dependence on oil and gas.

Medvedev hopes Moscow can have its own version of 'Silicon Valley'.

They visited the gym after a day of meetings, AFP reported.

"With Schwarzenegger, we spoke not only about investments but also sport," Medvedev wrote on his official Twitter page.

"My every morning begins in a gym."

Medvedev was inspired to start a Twitter account when he visited California for talks with Schwarzenegger in June.

Medvedev's post also featured a picture of him beaming while standing beside a smiling Schwarzenegger sitting on a weight machine. The two wore their shirts and ties.

"Thx 4 good time training," Schwarzenegger replied on his blog.

Throughout the day they made much of their camaraderie, complete with broad smiles, back-slapping and jokes, with Medvedev taking Schwarzenegger on a ride in a vintage GAZ Chaika Soviet luxury car.

Schwarzenegger caused a sensation among Muscovite commuters on Sunday night when he took the metro and proudly posted a picture of himself on Twitter squeezed among hordes of standing passengers.

The governor also visited Red Square and had his picture taken in front of St Basil's Cathedral, one of the city's top landmarks, AFP reported.