Two crashes in a month is too many for two central city residents.

Jody Rerekura-White said she has gone out to help drivers involved in crashes outside her house twice in the past month.

"When I heard the last one I thought 'Oh no, not again' and it has been a relief that no-one was seriously injured."

The most recent crash involved Marie Knuth who was driving along London St when she collided with a car crossing the intersection.


"I should have given way but the sign was partly obscured by the fence and the road markings are very faded."

Both drivers received minor injuries and Knuth says her car was badly damaged.

She has spoken to Whanganui District Council about improving the signage and road markings.

WDC senior roading engineer Rui Leitao said there are no plans for the intersection apart from routine road remarking.

"There have only been three reported non-injury crashes in the last five years," he said.

"The signage at the intersection is to New Zealand standards."

Leitao said the intersection ranks low in priority against other sites in the city.