When a woman helped burgle a Whanganui home, it was karma that answered.

On Friday, August 11 at about 8pm Nicola Sybil Richards waited in the driver's seat of a car parked on Parkes Ave, ready for a quick get-away.

Meanwhile her co-accused was inside a Whanganui home, clearing it out.

Unknown to Richards and her male co-accused at the time, it was a police officer's house.


On Tuesday, Richards pleaded guilty to burglary when she appeared in the Whanganui District Court.

Judge Allan Roberts asked Richards' defence lawyer Anna Brosnahan whether the pair knew it was a police officer's home.

Ms Brosnahan said they did not.

"This one may come back and bite you, it was a police officer's home ... you're outside while your mate is inside clearing the place out," the judge told Richards.

The police summary of facts said they gained entry to the property then forced a door into the garage.

"They stole power tools, a lawn mower and a large pot plant."

The items were valued at about $3000 and the pot plant was the only item located.

Judge Allan Roberts convicted Richards and sentenced her to 120 hours of community work.

The male co-accused was appearing in court at a later date because he was facing other charges.