Whittaker's new chocolate Easter kiwi is a "match made in heaven" between the iconic chocolate brand and New Zealand's favourite native bird, says Pukaha Mount Bruce general manager Helen Tickner.

The chocolate company is releasing its first Easter product this year, a hollow kiwi made from creamy milk for the white kiwi and 50 per cent dark chocolate for the brown kiwi.

Twenty cents from each sale will be donated to the charity organisation Kiwis for Kiwi which Mrs Tickner said can potentially fund conservation projects at Pukaha Mount Bruce.

"Anyone doing anything for kiwi, we're really supportive of, because it's not just us, it's something that everyone in New Zealand needs to be looking at.


"Quite frankly I couldn't think of a better way of supporting the kiwi. I think it's absolutely fantastic. It's a really neat idea, and it's an iconic, great New Zealand company supporting a really good New Zealand cause.

"It's a match made in heaven, and it's chocolate. When we first heard about it here, everyone wanted to buy some so I think I know what all the staff will be giving each other for Easter."

Whittaker's brand manager Jasmine Currie said that as a "proud New Zealand company", working with Kiwis, "we are pleased to support a charity working to conserve and protect our national icon.

"We've been planning the design and manufacture of the kiwi for almost a decade. Like all our products, the kiwi is locally produced in our Wellington factory so we can ensure quality through our signature bean to bar process.

"As this is our first year of producing the kiwi, we're testing the waters with a limited number available this year."

Whittaker's Kiwi is on its way to stores throughout New Zealand.