Incredible footage has emerged of a cameraman being nearly blown off the edge of an exploding volcano.

In the short video posted to, Kiwi film maker Geoff Mackley is setting up a camera on the edge of a volcanic crater in Vanuatu when it suddenly erupts.

"While placing a GoPro, ***t happened," Mackley posted on Facebook, along with a still shot of volcanic debris swirling around his hunched-over body.

The moment was captured by the Mackley's friend at Mt Yasur volcano, on Tanna Island, three days ago.


"My friend Geoff was setting up a GoPro camera at the crater's edge," he said.

"The volcano suddenly had a huge explosion, sending lava bombs flying hundreds of feet through the air."

"First you can see the shock wave in the volcanic gas.

"Less than a second later, the shock wave and boom reach my position, shaking the camera. Then the lava bombs come firing out of the volcano at high speed."

Mackley has been approached for comment.