Who doesn't love ice cream? It tastes of summer all year long. Indeed, now as those hot days start to fade, eating ice cream is a great way to hang on to that summery feel. In our house, it is always on standby. When my daughter was little she would always request an ice cream cake for her birthday.

What could be easier? I would buy three different flavours, layer them up in a tin, decorate with a selection of sweets and, voila, everyone was happy. When it comes to store-bought flavours, my all-time favourite has to be hokey pokey, but I also love getting creative and making my own ice cream with delicious flavours that set them apart from the norm.

Most ice cream is based on a cream or milk custard made with egg yolks and sugar. You then add your chosen flavour.

The mixture is cooled then frozen, either by churning the ingredients in an ice cream maker or placing it in the freezer. Freeze the ice cream for an hour and then beat it to break up the ice crystals, refreeze and repeat the process again after two hours.


Today I share with you my three favourite flavours. First, liquorice. I love it. More often than not, I will come home from the supermarket with a packet of liquorice straps to snack on. Patience is required when melting the liquorice in the cream in this recipe, but it is well worth the effort.

Next is brown bread ice cream. I first made this when I cooked in shooting lodges in the Scottish Highlands; there was definitely no fancy equipment available there. And, as strange as it sounds, brown bread ice cream is delicious. The key is to remove the mixture from the freezer 20 minutes before serving so it becomes slightly soft and the brown bread is chewy. Serve with fruit or an apple pie.

The last ice cream flavour is pumpkin. This is a such a versatile vegetable and, with a few spices added to the base custard, it makes for a tasty treat. I have added toasted pecans at the end. You could also try other flavours such as prunes or dates, soaked for 10 minutes or so. The possibilities are endless and the texture of this ice cream is scrummy.

Liquorice ice cream

Brown bread ice cream

Pumpkin and pecan ice cream