Ellie Mitchell flies with Qantas Jetconnect from Auckland to Brisbane.


Boeing 737-800.

Class: Economy.

Price: $488 return.


On time? Under way a few minutes early, with smooth and easy boarding.

My seat: 15C - an aisle seat, which was handy for accessing my bag and getting to the toilets.

How full? Full flight apparently, even though the middle seat was free which made for a more pleasant and comfortable journey.

Fellow passengers: Just as the wheels lifted the woman in front of me instantly put her seat right back, making it difficult to eat breakfast and use my laptop. There were crying babies and lots of coughing so I just held my breath and zoned out to some music.

Entertainment: I was hoping for The Bling Ring after hearing recommendations but instead opted for an easy-watch comedy on the way out, The Internship, and also a bit of Rick Stein's cooking in India. Nice to see films are still included at no extra charge on these Qantas economy flights.

Food and drink: Hot, plastic-looking breakfast but surprisingly tasty and filling. The muffin, yoghurt and fruit would have to wait until later. There was juice offered and plenty of water throughout the flight.

Service: Good. A little slow on clearing breakfast.

Toilets: Actually a bit grim, sadly. Felt they were a tad neglected.

Luggage: Great - I love uncomplicated luggage allowance. Economy baggage allowance is 30kg and business is 40kg. I also took about 7kg carry-on, a laptop and duty-free.

Airport experience: Couldn't believe it when I arrived - sleepy and in need of a coffee - to the sniffer-dog picking out my bag. Only me ... I had to be taken through to security for a "sticky beak" as the Aussies call it, to my extreme embarrassment after two young and attractive border security guys picked out every last item of my clothing from my stuffed, borrowed and last-minute packed bag.

Not the best start to my trip. I am still confused as to what the dog found interesting about my mundane luggage. I never imagined I would be one of those people picked out, having seen so many of the Border Security shows, but that is the last time I will take my partner's bag instead of my trusty case.

I don't feel it necessary to travel business class for such a short flight, although it would be nice to use the airport lounge and Wi-Fi. I struggled to get on the net in Brisbane Airport, but luckily my lift was waiting patiently despite my unexpected delay at security.

Would I fly again? Definitely. A hassle-free airline with great service, reasonable fares, pleasant staff, plus food, beverages, entertainment, a checked baggage allowance and a minimum 1000 Qantas points if you are a Qantas Frequent Flyer.

Ellie Mitchell travelled as a guest of Tourism and Events Queensland.