It’s just been world topless day which got us wondering if there are any classy hotels and beaches around the world that cater for such vacations. Here is our roundup of the best five resorts where getting your kit off is not only legal, it’s expected.

There are two swimming pools here and I accidentally walked into the clothing-optional one as I was wandering around taking photos of this beautiful lodge set in the woods of California's Big Sur. Quickly putting my camera away lest I get arrested, this lodge is great for those wanting rooms with an open fire and have the choice of sunbathing without tan lines.

Couples Resort San Souci, Jamacia
My brother was married here so mum and I visited this stunning all-inclusive resort set on a cliff with steps and little nooks and hammocks hidden everywhere. Next door is a clothing-optional beach and while we didn't strip down ourselves, we did get enough of a peek to know you need a hot bod to enjoy it! It's also an hour's drive to Bob Marley's birthplace, which is a must-do, although with your kit on.

Terra Cotta Inn, Palm Springs, California
This is an honest-to-goodness nudist resort. You'll be greeted by the topless manager and shown around the facilities. Expect naked guests in the pool, in the bar, in the dining room. You are allowed to keep your gears on until you feel comfortable, but at the end of the day, you're here because you want to strip down and be incognito at the same time.

Evason Resort, Hua Hin, Thailand
This is not actually a hotel to wander around with your kit off. But having experienced one of their luxurious pool villas (admittedly only for a brief few hours), you can most certainly get in the nuddy and spend your holiday in your completely private courtyard with a swimming pool, sunken stone bathtub among the lotus flowers and a day bed for when your skin needs a little time out.


Jade Mountain Resort, St Lucia
This resort is one of the most luxurious you'll find anywhere. Your room doesn't have walls, instead it is called a sanctuary and your king-sized four-poster bed is draped in mosquito netting. Your living room seamlessly falls into your own private infinity pool and because each room is positioned on top of the other, it's private and decadent. Again, not advertised as clothing-optional per say, but togs would be overdressed.