Last week wild pigs grabbed the headlines in Germany after a boar was seen running off with a nudist's belongings.

The sow and piglets caused much mirth at the Berlin swimming site on the Teufelsee, after stealing unsuspecting bathers' belongings. Photos of that determined nudist giving chase were circulated around the world.

However wild boar are becoming a pig of a problem across the Bundesländer.

Just when they thought it was safe to go back in the water, beachgoers in north Germany had an encounter with another wild pig.


Holiday makers on the Schönhagen beach couldn't believe their eyes when they saw a small black object cutting through the waves. In a video obtained by Associated Press, the animal can be seen coming closer and closer. Families clear their children from the beach front and voices can be heard yelling "clear the way". One can just imagine the Jaws theme building to a crescendo.

Shark!? No, "schwien"!

Schweinerei! Wild pigs are running rampant in Germany. Photo / AP; Instagram
Schweinerei! Wild pigs are running rampant in Germany. Photo / AP; Instagram

As the pig makes its way up the beach, it heads straight for a man on the shore front. Fortunately he was able to fend it off with a spade. "Let it run!" comes the cry from onlookers, and the man is in no mind to stop it.

The boar quickly finds a path through the bewildered bathers and into the long grass, where it disappears.

The town in Schleswig-Holstein on Germany's North Sea, where "one doesn't regularly have any reason to fear unfriendly animals when swimming" said the German news magazine Die Stern, "apart from perhaps jellyfish".

The most alarming thing you'd normally see on the coast is a contingent of the country's FKK or 'free body culture', a popular German nudist community.

The week previously saw another 'Schweinerei' in which a grey bearded naturist was seen trying to reclaim his clothes and laptop from a naughty pig.

The comic image went viral, even reaching this side of the world where local celebrity pig herder Sam Neill felt he needed to clarify it was not him in the photo.