A map showing the most searched travel destinations for 2021 is shining a light on where different nationalities want to go on holiday once the pandemic eases around the globe.

The world map, created by luxury holiday firm Kuoni, which analysed the most-searched 2021 holiday destinations on Google for 131 different countries.

New Zealanders are looking to Bali as their next overseas holiday as soon as borders are open.

Photo / Kuoni
Photo / Kuoni

People in the UK apparently can't wait to visit the Maldives. Meanwhile, Americans have their hearts set on Japan while Australians are looking to travel to Fiji.


French people want to go visit Belgium, Spanish people want to travel to Italy and Russians are dreaming of a Mexican getaway.

People locked down in Portugal are dreaming of a holiday in Argentina.

Meanwhile, people in Papua New Guinea would quite like to travel to New Zealand. People in Fiji have their sights set on Japan.

South Africans are planning a holiday to Thailand once they can travel again.

"With various stages of lockdown still the case for many places around the world, it's not surprising that lots of us want to book something to look forward to," Dean Harvey, marketing director at Kuoni, said.

"It's fascinating to see how popular destinations differ from country to country and the upturn in Google searches matches the upturn in 2021 bookings we've seen in recent weeks, with Maldives holidays being booked the most."