After an argument between two passengers over an airplane window went viral this week, the question has been raised: who has rights over a row's window shade?

A video posted by Passengershaming - a popular Instagram account and online home of bad passenger behaviour โ€“ appeared to show two fully grown men locked in mortal combat over the decision to shut or close an aircraft window shade.

Just as one passenger closes it, the other reaches over to open it again.

With ever more seats jammed into aircraft cabins, windows don't always align neatly with seating rows. It's not always clear whose window is whose.


In such cases, what's the diplomatic solution? One that doesn't result in such childish behaviour?

With almost half a million people having viewed the video of the passengers' Sisyphean struggle there is no shortage of opinions as to who is in the wrong.

Champion surfer and frequent flier Kelly Slater even weighed in, saying it was clearly the window of the row behind.

"I'd wrist lock him next time he did that," said the sports star.

Others were infuriated at the deadlock between the two entitled travellers.

"Grown men are the worst travelers. Don't let them have 'airline status', they're even worse then!" wrote flightattendantbarbie.

The battle over window shades lead onto other questions of aircraft etiquette, such as: which armrest belongs to which passenger?

"I was in the middle seat of 3 today and the old guy on the isle seat wouldn't let me put my arm on the arm rest!!!! He had both! Who gets rights the arm rests??? Help..." wrote Beezneez77.