Incredible footage has been captured of a young whale getting curious about a group of surfers.

Payton Landaas first shared the footage on his Youtube channel.

The Californian teenager captured a rare moment on Monday, Nov. 11, when a gray whale swam under a group of unsuspecting surfers at Doheny State Beach while they were waiting for waves near the rock jetty at a spot known as Boneyards.

The highschooler,who has recently started a drone video company called Stealth Photos,was checking the waves from a bluff by his home in Capo Beach when he saw a whale spout.


The video shows the juvenile whale slowly approaching the 20 or so surfers sitting on their boards, then popping its head out and spouting from its blowhole.

It then went underwater again and one surfer paddled quickly away when the whale's tail appeared.

Others surfers, seemingly oblivious, sat calmly as it cruised by.