"Come with me if you want to live" may have been vetoed. Photo / Twitter @Schwarzenegger

It's November, 2019.

Ok Boomer is trending worldwide. The teens are talking back and mum and dad and grandpa all hate it. I am a millennial and just want this birb* to have a shot at bird of the year.

Just look at it. This bird would definitely egg Fraser Manning. Vote Bittern.

Meanwhile, Noted Boomer the Terminator just met with one of his "heroes", the girl whose scowl galvanised the world, Generation Z's Greta Thunberg. Great timing.


Wholesome scenes, or so you'd think. Many were delighted, and pointed to Schwarzenegger's veganism and converted electric fleet.

Some people were appalled at the former Governor, who wrote about his private jet in his autobiography.

I for one, live in a glass house.

To stretch the metaphor, it seems that Arnie believes (as I do, and as 11,000 scientists do) that we may have to move houses, for the sake of our one and only planet.

No stones please.

*Birb, a twee, absurdist misspelling of bird used in internet slang. Now you know.