A couple's heartwarming act has been praised online after an onlooker shared a photo of them looking after a girl who flew solo to see her mother.

On a flight from Indianapolis to Baltimore, a couple sat next to an unaccompanied minor that other passengers were avoiding because of her "boundless energy".

The kind act caught the eye of another passenger, Josh Haltom, who decided to share their story on Facebook.

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"Tonight on my flight from Indianapolis to Baltimore I sat next to an unaccompanied minor who was travelling to Baltimore to see her Mother," the passenger wrote.

"With Southwest Airlines open seating anyone could have sat next to her, in fact many people avoided her and her boundless energy during boarding.

"But finally the couple you see in the photo occupied the two seats to her right."

Haltom said within minutes the couple probably realised that it wouldn't be a relaxing flight as the young girl became very chatty. However, they just "rolled with it" as the girl took charge of their aisle.

Tonight on my flight from Indianapolis to Baltimore I sat next to an unaccompanied minor who was traveling to Baltimore...

Posted by Josh Haltom on Saturday, 31 August 2019

"As drinks were being served the couple didn't even get a chance to voice their requests because they were cut off by the young girl stating 'I'll take water with a straw and so will they so we can paint!'," the passenger wrote.

"The young girl had brought out her Hello Kitty paint sheets and the couple spent the next hour following her instructions.

"As I type this the man next to her is being covered with Marvel stickers. They are on his ears, in his beard, arms, everywhere. And he is just rolling with it."

The passenger revealed there was a moral behind the story.


"There is good in this world. In fact, there is more good than bad in this world if we just open our eyes to it. There isn't a script or instruction manual for love. You just have to roll with it."

Many commented their admiration for the couple's kind act and were thankful that the story was shared.

"Awesome couple for rolling with the little girls beat of her drum. Your amazing people for making her flight very memorable I hope her flight back is just as memorable in a good way," one person wrote.

Another agreed: "Thank you for sharing. The couple are truly beautiful and caring people. The little girl needed someone with her and they are good people that could it. I wish them a life time of Love & Happiness and the Best of everything life can bring them!"