When the Tatzmania theme park in Germany unveiled their newest attraction the 'Eagle's Flight' it was supposed to be a glorious moment.

However, the amusement park in Schwarzwald was causing amusement for all the wrong reasons. It didn't take long for someone to notice that the fun ride resembled a pair of giant Nazi symbols.

Riders on the Adlerflug sit in four eagle-shaped compartments joined to the spinning carousel an axis, which immediately drew comparison to the Swastika.

Heightening the embarrassment, these fascist symbols are illegal to display in Germany.


Opened at the end of July, the park's monumental blunder drew international attention online.

"So, what does that remind you of?" asked Reddit user besserwiedu to the 'Engineering art' forum, accompanied by a video of the ride in motion.

Rüdiger Braun the 62-year old park operator told a local radio station Südwestdeutschen Rundfunk that the park had completely overlooked the unfortunate design flaw, and he apologised unreservedly to "anyone that the ride had offended".

Adlerflug: The 'illegal' ride was opened in a Schwarzwald park. Photo / Supplied
Adlerflug: The 'illegal' ride was opened in a Schwarzwald park. Photo / Supplied

Michael Wehner of the national center 'political education' thought it was not believable that no-one involved in building the giant attraction had seen the problem.

Speaking to the Süddeutsche Zeitung it was pointed out that even the name of the attraction "Alderflug" had an unfortunate connotation with the Nazi regime, which used eagles as a central motif at rallies.

It is illegal in Germany to display symbols associated with the Nazi party, with potential jail sentences and fines for those found to be using banned signs such as flags, uniforms or even certain "greetings".

Faced with the prospect being taken to court of the new attraction, the park had little option but to go back to the drawing board.

Braun insists the eagle will fly again, however with some modifications. Removing one of the Eagle's compartments so that there are three, not four arms to the carousels should remove the unwanted association to the Nazis.