It's the most magical place on Earth, or so they say.. Until it isn't.

A shocking violent brawl between a family broke out at Disneyland in California last weekend, and the entire fight was caught on camera.

This provoked a reddit thread on the "least magical" things customers and staff have witnessed at Disneyland. As Emperor Kuzco would say, "Bring it on".



UNNECESSARY_RAGE___ was terrified of Mickey Mouse, "So when he leant down to wave at me naturally I punched him right on the nose. The actor must have had some kind of reflex action because he punched me right back and (according to my cousin) I flew a metre or so backwards. A bunch of people saw the event unfold, so the Mickey was taken away by park security while we (including my 7 family members) were given a free day pass for the next day. Never got to see Mickey's real face, or hear an explanation."


Ahydell's mum was painted as the bad guy, "Back when they opened the Roger Rabbit land at Disneyland, I was there with my parents and my mother tripped and fell over an unmarked curb and hit her head on the pavement, and the staff treated her like she was a professional faller for money and were rude to her and she didn't get any actual medical attention for almost an hour. She had a concussion."


Thechervil saw some absolute idiocy at work; "At Disneyland and Star Tours was still brand new. My daughter and I were riding it and I was chosen as the "Rebel Spy" (she got a big kick out of that.) On the ride with us were a couple of rowdy teenage boys (probably about 16-17) one of whom was in a wheelchair. Let's call them 'Goofball A' and ['Goofball in wheelchair'].

"When you exit the ride, there is a long ramp that leads down into the gift shop. At the bottom of the ramp was a cast member, a young woman probably in her early twenties.

"'Goofball A' starts running with the wheelchair and lets go, sending ['Goofball in wheelchair'] flying down the ramp. It crashed into the cast member, badly spraining her ankle and knee.

"['Goofball in wheelchair'] jumps up and him and 'Goofball A' take off running, leaving the wheelchair behind and the injured cast member behind!"


"I flag down a manager as my wife goes over to the cast member to see if she is okay. The manager asks if I can give a description and I tell her I can do better than that! We were on the same ride two rows behind them and they can check the video and photo feed and see who they are. I point them out and they alert security (the mouse does NOT mess around!).

"We were given fastpasses to any ride we wanted (EXCEPT Star Tours, because it was so new), some food certificates and buttons declaring us "Honorary Citizens". That button got us a lot of nods and even a few handshakes from Cast Members. So while the Mouse was magical, those two knuckleheads were definitely un-magical.


YokoDice had an absolutely terrible experience; "When we were heading away from the car park on one of the trams / trains that take you into the park in Florida, the tram somehow managed to run over Pluto. I never understood why we had stopped for over an hour in the car park as a kid and only understand why that happened now that I'm older and having been reminded about what happened. Other kids who were a bit older were screaming and I'd imagine they were horrified by what they saw."

Indeed, in 2004, a cast member dressed up as Pluto was killed after a parade float ran over him. At the time Disney spokeswoman Rena Callahan said the man who died was about to enter the park when he was hit. Callahan said she wasn't sure if any visitors witnessed what happened.

Turns out they did.

Renocow has some magic to dispel, "I have been stranded on a stopped "rocket" inside Space Mountain at Disneyland. It took about 15 minutes to get the ride moving again. Anyway, we ended up riding it with the lights on, and it's a surprisingly slow tame roller coaster. There are fans blowing air in your face to give it the illusion of speed."

Adrift715 says, "Daughter in law worked at Walt Disney World. Some days her only job was to organize the strollers outside of a theatre. As one group left a show and took theirs she'd push the next set of strollers forward. Otherwise you'd have the third and fourth show guests strollers blocking the paths. She was constantly being yelled for having moved them. One lady said her purse was in the stroller with their passports and airline tickets. Once they found a sleeping toddler."