Wynne Gray flies from Berlin to Toulouse aboard Ryanair.

The plane:

A Ryanair 737-800.

Price: Part of a deal but cheap as.


On time: Pushed off on time, however we had a brief delay on the runway because of traffic congestion.

My seat: On the aisle, 6C.

Fellow passengers: All sorts who felt they could survive a smooth two-hour flight without the need to be fed, watered and entertained.

How full: Overhead lockers filled and all but a seat or two.

Entertainment: You make your own, like the bloke across the aisle from me who alternated between reading his phone and taking selfies.

Food and drink: Zero, so bring your own — the guy in our window seat clearly didn't think he was going to get fed when he landed, or he hadn't eaten for several days.

Luggage: Strict 20kg check-in allowance and some hand luggage.

Toilets: One up front, which got a steady stream of traffic throughout the flight.


Airport experience: Berlin domestic is very functional, from the train ride out then a lengthy walk for the check-in through one of the four terminals. There are a number of food, beverage and shopping outlets to take up your time before you board.

Would I fly this airline again? No problem. Newish plane, comfortable and an attractive price.