In a video that went viral last month, a couple were filmed desperately running after their cruise ship as it sailed away without them after time in port for an excursion.

Now the bride of the honeymooners has spoken to the Sun Online and has revealed the "nightmare" they endured after turning up a few minutes late and not being able to board their cruise.

Actor Maria Gonzalez Roesch and her new husband Alessandro Di Palma believed they arrived early as the ship usually left at 5.30pm, however in Nassau, in the Bahamas, this particular trip departed two hours earlier than they expected.

The couple were left stranded after arriving back to the cruise terminal 45 minutes late. Screenshot / YouTube
The couple were left stranded after arriving back to the cruise terminal 45 minutes late. Screenshot / YouTube

"We were there 4.10pm or 4.15pm and we heard the call from the ship — but there were so many cruises we thought it was another ship," Roesch, of Costa Rica, told the Sun.


The couple then heard the horn and when they arrived at the pier they were in shock.

Roesch said they saw a platform with two crew members who were angry at them, but the couple were eager to get on the ship.

"We started yelling to them, 'Please, please let us on, the cruise is still here'," she said.

"But the guys said, 'You are not going to be so lucky and we are closing the doors and leaving'."

Roesch said her husband was horrified that his nightmare was becoming a reality.

"He was so frustrated he wanted to jump to the ship. But (the drop) was so big and dangerous," she said.

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Roesch explained she has never missed a train, plane or boat in her life, but because they were relaxing on their honeymoon they let their guard down.

"I think the worst feeling was to see that the boat was still there and knowing we can go inside and see the boat leave without you," she said.


Their horror nightmare continued once the couple realised they were marooned on the island with no passport, visas or credit cards since the items were left onboard.

However, luckily a crew member managed to retrieve their travel documents and cards onboard and give them to the pilot who was guiding the ship out of the harbour.

He then sailed back to the dock and handed them to the stranded couple.

Maria and Alessandro weren't the only people who missed the ship. At the immigration office, they learned they were actually six other people who missed the boat.

She said there were two other couples there. One couple were incredibly angry about the situation. However, the other couple from California were nice, she said, and they kept in touch with them.

When the ship finally docked in the Port of Miami they had to wait hours before all the passengers disembarked.

The crew then fetched their belongings from their cabin.

When they arrived home, the couple found out a video which captured their dockside debacle had gone viral. After watching it they saw the humorous side of the incident.

"Now I can say it was funny experience and we have a good story to [tell] our kids," Roesch said.

What happens if your cruise leaves without you

According to Escape, if a passenger does miss the ship, there are ways to get your trip back on track.

The advice is to always carry the cruise line's emergency contact number in your smartphone, or have it written down.

These numbers should be on the daily programme so remember to take it with you when getting off at a port.

A passenger should make immediate contact with ship representatives, both by phone and at the terminal, to figure out your action plan.

The couple try and get assistance from port workers before realising they're on their own. Screenshot / YouTube
The couple try and get assistance from port workers before realising they're on their own. Screenshot / YouTube

Keep your credit cards and passport or photocopy of the main passport page with you while ashore — you may need them.

You can catch up with the ship at its next port of call and the ship's representatives will help get you there, but it will be at your cost, including any transport and accommodation.

One cruise line's contract states: "Guest is responsible for the cost of the transfer, including but not limited to, governmental fees, visa fees, subsistence, lodging, airfare, launch fare, car hire or agency fees."

Some ports may be relatively close and easily accessible, but miss the ship in Vancouver and you may be looking at a flight to Hawaii if crossing the Pacific, or trying to get to isolated towns in Alaska if the trip is headed north.

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