A man has been permanently banned from Disneyland for displaying a Donald Trump campaign flag on a ride.

Dion Cini unravelled the large flag, which read "Re-elect Trump 2020" and "Keep America Great", on the Mark Twain Riverboat ride at the Anaheim theme park, USA Today reported.

Disneyland's website states that "the usage of any flag, banner or sign for commercial purposes, or to incite a crowd" is prohibited.

Jennifer Elliott, another Disneyland visitor who witnessed the stunt, told WNCT-9 she was "appalled and kind of dumbstruck" when she saw the flag.


"I saw someone putting something out on the side of the boat," she said. "This is the happiest place on earth, that kind of political agenda doesn't belong in the park."

It's not the first time Cini has broken rules at Disney parks – last September, he displayed a Trump banner in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World. In November, he followed it up by displaying a "Trump 2020" sign on Splash Mountain and a "Keep America Great" sign on Expedition Everest.

Following the 2018 incidents, he was permanently trespassed from all Walt Disney World properties.

Cini told WFTV-TV he wanted to "test the rules" to see if they had something to do with displaying a flag, or what was written on it.

'Nobody's going to stop me': Cini's banner has made appearances in Grand Central Station. Photo / Supplied, Twitter.com
'Nobody's going to stop me': Cini's banner has made appearances in Grand Central Station. Photo / Supplied, Twitter.com

"We welcome all guests to enjoy our parks; however, demonstrations and the display of signs and banners are not permitted," a Disneyland official told USA Today. "This person has been previously warned, and we have taken appropriate steps to address his behavior."

No police action was taken against Cini.

"It is a Disney issue, not a police issue," Sergeant Daron Wyatt of the Anaheim Police Department told USA Today. "APD's only involvement was to standby with security while they issued a trespass admonishment. The subject was cooperative and there was no action taken by APD."

Cini's lifetime ban from the Walt Disney theme parks is unlikely to deter him from further public displays of canvassing.


The New York based provocateur has unfurled his 'Trump 2020' banner in public places including Grand Central Station and Madison Square Gardens.

His determination to air his controversial views has been well documented.

In 2017, his river-going activities got attention from CNN while rowing the length of Manhattan with his political banner in tow.

"I go around the island about once every 10 days," he told CNN in a television appearance.

"Nobody's going to stop me," he said.

Though this lifetime ban from Disney parks might mean Cini is forced to take his banner elsewhere.