Tokyo has a reputation for being expensive, but it's quite possible to enjoy a great day out while only spending $200.

The Tsukiji fish market has long been a favourite early morning tourist attraction – but it has recently moved to a new location in Toyosu. You'll want to arrive at 4.30am to see the famous tuna auction. After it finishes, head to one of the market's restaurants for a seafood breakfast – Yachiyo does a great deep fried mackerel for 1000 yen. $13

Since you're up early, beat the crowds and pay a visit to Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa, Tokyo's oldest and most famous temple.

The courtyard at Senso-ji Temple. Photo / Getty Images
The courtyard at Senso-ji Temple. Photo / Getty Images

Pick up a paper fortune (omikuji) at the Honda (main hall) for 100 yen and grab a rice cracker snack at Iriyama Senbei. One cracker will set you back 100 yen. $3


From Asakusa, head to Ueno Park, where you'll find the Ueno Zoo— if you've never seen a panda before, this is a great opportunity to see them. Ueno's panda couple gave birth to a cub last year and the little one can be seen with his parents. Entry is 600 yen. $8

While in Ueno, you can sample one of Japan's most famous sweet treats: Mochi. Gekkou focuses on Japanese tea and delicious freshly made mochi, in traditional home-cooked style. $13

For a cheap and satisfying lunch, try Japan's most loved chain restaurant, Yayoi Ken, which dates back to 1886. There are several locations around the city and you can pick up a set meal with mains and side dishes for around 1000 yen. It's easy to order from a machine at the door. $15

One of Tokyo's most popular recent tourist attractions is a museum devoted to artist Yayoi Kusama in Shibuya —whose polka dotted work has increased in popularity with the rise of Instagram. You'll need to purchase tickets in advance, but it's well worth a visit.

Afterwards, you can explore the busy shopping district and cross the road at the famous Shibuya crossing. $13

For dinner, enjoy a sushi train experience at Katsu in Shibuya —it's 4 minutes away from the train station and is very reasonably priced. An evening mealwill set you back about 2000 yen. $26

For your evening entertainment, head to the nightlife district of Shinjuku and grab some drinks at one of the bars in the Golden Gai. Hair of the Dog is a great punk themed choice for music lovers. Entry fee is 800 yen, while drinks are around 600 yen. Entry plus three drinks: $24

Once you've built up some liquid courage, belt your lungs out in a karaoke joint.

Party like the locals and belt your lungs out at a karaoke joint. Photo / Getty Images
Party like the locals and belt your lungs out at a karaoke joint. Photo / Getty Images

has four locations in Shinjuku and is one of the cheapest chains. It's 600 yen for 30 minutes on the weekend.

$15 for an hour


A night in Shinjuku is bound to be a late one and the trains stop around 1am.

Consider booking into a nearby capsule hotel for a night— it's an experience in itself.

Anshin Oyada Luxury Capsule Hotel has a branch in Shinjuku and you can get yourself a cosy capsule for around $75 for the night — and they even have a pillow menu. TOTAL: $205