As part of my first big OE, I went with friends Mark and Dermott to explore Greece. If you want to enjoy beautiful sunsets, a cold brew and epic views, then Santorini is the place to be. We hired four-wheelers and took ourselves on our own tour of the island, ending up near the iconic windmill at Oia to watch the sunset. (Pack your own picnic or drinks and a cardigan as the ride home can get a bit chilly after the sun goes down). Four-wheelers are the best way to travel and it means you can check out the island at your own pace. I would visit the Red Beach and make sure you wear shoes and something to sit on as it is a pebble beach.


I can't stress enough how I would NOT recommend going on one of the sail boats in Santorini to the swim in the hot springs. It took a full day and in all honesty, it was gross. The water was warm-ish but more than that it smelt like sewage and you couldn't escape it, making eating a tad tough and if there was a bit of a swell you just spend your day either in barely warm, smelly water or a smelly boat rocking back and forth, contemplating if you could make the swim back to the mainland. We made the most of it but if you are planning a trip to the beautiful island of Santorini I wouldn't waste your time on a small boat that smells like poop.

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