Joshua Price flies from Doha to Madrid with Qatar Airways.


Boeing 777-300

Class: Economy


Seat: 18A — emergency exit row.

How Full? 80 per cent. Had a spare seat next to me, with the odd other spare seat dotted around the plane.

Time: 6 hours 42 minutes.

Food and drink: Overall very good. Initially I was disappointed we were being offered breakfast and not lunch as it was 11.30am by the time we ate, but the cinnamon and raisin pudding with vanilla custard was delicious. I enjoyed a gin and tonic and a Heineken as the flight went on, the beer pairing particularly well with the "sandwich" that was more of a chicken-filled sausage roll with a tasty salsa-like sauce.

Service: Fantastic, I was mostly served by a Brazilian man, who had great manners, was quick to respond to requests and wandered up and down the aisles offering water and juice on a tray for anyone to grab as they wished. He attended to a couple of ill ladies really well.

Entertainment: Not Qatar's strong point. It has a large range of movies, but they all seemed sub-par B-rated movies. I watched Pitch Perfect 3 (had to finish the trilogy) and took a punt on one called November Criminals — don't waste your time with it.

Toilets: They held together reasonably well (remember that couple of sick ladies?).

Airport experience: I had 10 hours to kill in Doha at Hamad International Airport, which gave me plenty of time to explore. It's massive, modern, clean, with lots of high-end shopping. It's expensive, even as airports go. Trying to find a half-decent meal for a reasonable price proved tricky despite the wide range of food outlets available, and it's certainly not an airport to do your duty-free shopping. Plenty of seating options, and there were some cool temporary football World Cup fan areas set up to watch the games when they were on.


The bottom line: Great service, good food with an entertainment section that could be better.