Australia's Northern Territory wants you, and your entire family. And the Australian government is offering to pay big bucks to those willing to relocate up north.

As part of its newly unveiled population strategy, the NT Government has announced that millions of dollars in cash incentives will be offered to people who move to the NT to work in "high priority" occupations.

Chief Minister Michael Gunner revealed his government's 10-year, $50.4 million 'Population Growth Strategy' on Wednesday. It includes a plan to create 21,000 jobs and add $10 billion to the economy over the next decade.

"Just about every regional centre in Australia is trying to grow their population. It's a national trend," Mr Gunner said, according to the ABC.


"Moving costs are an example of such a barrier. We're going to break these barriers."

The strategy will start by giving financial aid to new Territorians in certain jobs, to assist with living and relocation costs.

The list of over 53 jobs includes chefs, pilots, accountants, university lecturers, early childcare workers and farmers.

Singles will receive $3000, couples will receive $6000 and families will receive $7000 as a relocation bonus.

On top of immediate financial aid, new residents would be eligible for a one-off $1,250 'local benefit' bonus to spend in the first two years within the Territory, as well as an additional cash bonus if they stay continuously for five years.

"The total benefit for a family would be more than $15,000 (NZ$ 16,400) over five years," Mr Gunner said.

"This is mounting a pretty strong case to make the move."

While this "relocation bonus" is aimed at Australian families, it is part of a wider package of incentives open to those willing to move to the Northern Territory from around the world.

In total, the NT Government will spend nearly $14 million (NZ$15.3m) on the various incentives, which will also be available for overseas migrants.

This financial year, the NT's population is expected to grow by 0.7 per cent. However the goal, according to the government, is to return to a population growth rate of 1.4 per cent.

To achieve this, the NT would need to attract or retain an additional 2,600 people over the next year.

Registration for the bonus opens on November 1.

If you're unsure as to whether the AU$15k merits the move, here's the view of NT's natural marvels which might just convince you.

The Olgas

Lesser known than Ayers Rock, but just as impressive: these giant undulating red rocks stick out like knuckles. Kata Tjuta means 'many heads'.

Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon National Park or 'Watarrka' holds lush pocket of green in the Outback. Carved out by the King's Creek basin, walkers can follow the canyon for miles.

Kakadu National Park

In the setting of the National Park Kakadu is home to wondrous rock art sites and centuries old indigenous culture.

Croc Circus

Northern Territory's reptilian residents draw a crowd. Fed by guides, there's something brutally balletic about the site of a half-ton lizard jumping from the water to seize a chunk of meat.