Natalie Akoorie shares her top tips for the classic Kiwi O.E. tour.


make a "team uniform", bright-coloured T-shirts with some kind of logo.

DON'T bother stocking up on booze in the UK. It's dirt cheap and easily accessible in Europe.


DO get amongst it. Try to meet locals and get off the beaten track. Hop across to Morocco from Gilbratarif you can, head to the Cinque Terre in Italy, and Croatia in Eastern Europe. We watched a wedding in Spain, went to an out-of-theway tapas bar — which by the way are not anything like tapas in New Zealand — and drank homemade sangria.

DON'T freecamp at night when you can't see where you are setting up, like one van-load of Kiwis who woke up one morning on what they thought was a lovely grass verge the night before, but was actually the middle of a busy city roundabout.

DO swim at Lagos, Portugal in a wetsuit or at a theme park. The weatheris boiling hot and the water on the Algarve is anklenumbing freezing.

DON'T be feral. Don't add to the throng of Kiwis and Aussies giving antipodeans a bad name in Europe.

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