Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was featured in Vogue magazine today – and she decided to use the opportunity to draw attention to a beautiful New Zealand beach. Wearing fashion from NZ designers Herriot and Harman Grubisa, Ardern's shoot took place at Auckland's Bethell's Beach, one of many beautiful west coast beaches around the country.

Bethell's Beach

It's not the first time Bethell's has received some high-level praise – in 2016, Taylor Swift described it as "the most beautiful beach I've ever been on in my life". The pop star filmed the video for Out of the Woods at Bethell's, although she did draw some criticism for potentially disturbing the nesting area of the dotterel. But it's no surprise this wild west Auckland beach gets all this attention – with black sand, dramatic cliffs and an expansive stretch of beach, it's an incredible spot to witness the power of nature.

Ninety Mile Beach

Ninety Mile Beach is world famous, stretching from west of Kaitaia all the way up to Cape Reinga at the northernmost point of the country. However, the name is a bit misleading – it's only around 55 miles long in reality. Its epic white sand dunes are a huge drawcard for tourists, with plenty of fun to be had sandboarding down the slopes. The beach is well known for snapper fishing and shellfish, as well as being a great spot for surfers of all levels of experience.

Oakura Beach

Also endorsed by a famous name, this beach on Taranaki's Surf Highway was where Tom Cruise stayed and had surf lessons while working on the set of the Last Samurai. You can follow in his flippers, as the local surf school holds lessons throughout the summer months. This beautiful black sand beach is one of the most popular in the region and the township is also home to a thriving eccentric arts community. And it's also home to what was once the largest surfboard in the world.


Hokitika Beach

Its famous driftwood sign may have recently been destroyed in a storm, but this rustic beach on the South Island's west coast still has plenty going for it. Overall, it's a better beach to take a stroll down, rather than take a dip at – conditions can be rough and changeable, so it's only recommended for experienced swimmers and surfers. But you'll find enough to keep you occupied on its pebbly black sand shore – look for pounamu (greenstone) amongst the rocks and keep your eyes peeled for penguins and seals. There's space for a picnic and lots of interesting art galleries, jewelers and old building to explore in the nearby town.