Re-enactment videos explaining the signing of the Treaty were a hit with our kids, Ryan, 10, Xavier, 7, and their little sister Zara, 3.

It gave them a great glimpse into what it was like being at the signing in 1840. Hands-on touch-screen history lessons — the boys loved exploring with this technology. It worked like an iPad, so it was easy for them to navigate.

The huge Ngapuhi waka was mindblowing and really got the imagination flowing as to what it would have been like travelling across the sea.

The kids found a whole family of quails — about 20 tiny chicks — and followed them around.


A day pass is $50 or $25 if you show you're a New Zealander. It's free to those under 18.

Top tip: If you're a "Friend of Waitangi" it is free. It costs $30 to join or just $5 for Far North residents.