Waiting an age to be served on a plane is one of the great torments of air travel.

But air steward 'Dan Air', host of the Confessions of a Trolley Dolly website, has offered some insider advice on which seat to book if you want to be on the receiving end of the best service.

And it's best, he says, to go for the very front or the back, MailOnline reports.

At the front, seat 1A is normally one of the most attractive options.


Dan says: "During the Concorde days and in first class it's the seat that the A-list celebs always sit in. And on Concorde it was the Queen's seat.

"But even on low-cost carriers such as easyJet, Ryanair or Jet2 it's still the best seat as it gives you the best leg room, a higher chance of being served first and an unobstructed view."

But he adds that it's wise to wrap up if you sit here, because it's "typically one of the colder seats in the plane".

Attentive service can also be had at the back of the plane, too.

Dan tells MailOnline Travel: "If we're all gathered in the back [main] galley having a brew and a catch-up on all the latest gossip the last thing we want to do is be walking all the way up to the front of the aircraft to respond to a call bell.

"And we don't like flaunting what the passenger has asked for because then it can set off a whole chain reaction with everyone wanting something else."

But the downside to a seat at the back is that you're nearer the loos and that cabin crew chit chat.

And the rows at the very back often have limited recline.

Dan adds: "Many passengers don't like being seated towards the rear of the aircraft as it can be quite noisy.

"The galley is our office space, our rest area, the place we gather. So if you're on a late or overnight flight and want to catch up with some shut eye then sitting here may not be the best of ideas."

And his favourite seat?

"I'd have to say row one, every time," he reveals.