Dean Buchanan flies aboard flight NZ5753 from Christchurch to Dunedin.

The plane:


Class: Cattle.


Price: Fares start from $65 one way.

Flight time: In the air at 5.05pm and down by 6.10pm.

My seat: 16B - down the back.

Fellow passengers: Five other Kiwis, and the entire Wallaby squad and their coaching team.

How full: Chocker - most of the aisle was blocked with long legs and the feeling of impending doom.

Entertainment: The cabin crew sets the tone immediately: "A very warm welcome to our All Blacks supporters." Even the Wallabies laughed.

The service: Great as always ... the crew gave you a choice of All Black lollies (black or white) or Wallaby lollies (colourful) and were obliging when my neighbour asked if he could take more for his kids.

Food and drink: Water/coffee/chocolate-chip biscuits.

The toilets: Too small for the Wallaby giant who needed a quick visit; when it was suggested he leave the door open the look on his face was priceless.

Luggage: All good - love the gold elite trolley.

The airport experience: Three Dunedin pipers welcomed us off the tarmac. I walked through the airport alongside Michael Hooper and suggested he might need a bit more than a polo shirt and shorts in this part of the world. I wished him good luck. I didn't really mean it. And he knew it.

The bottom line: Very polite tourists and fellow passengers, funny crew, beautiful day with crystal clear views of the alps and a small miracle the plane was able to take off given the size of the Wallaby boys.