Kiwi golden girl Rachel Hunter is a frequent flyer, travelling back and forth between NZ and LA, as well as trips all around the world. She shares her tips for staying beautiful in the air, at the beach and on the road.

Q: What do you wear to stay comfortable yet stylish when you're flying?

Gone are the days where people wore suits and ties or beautiful dresses to get on a plane. But I do always try to make some sort of an effort — a great top, well fitting jeans and necklaces or beads for good fortune. I think airports are kind of interesting places of self-expression in many ways. You can always tell a couple who are going away and haven't been on holiday together before, or that person who's just got their first work trip. The key for comfort is to bring something to change into-don't turn up in it. If it's a long-haul flight, I'll always slip into something roomy to sleep in — just so there is nothing tight on me. Usually I'm decked out in some sort of a onesie (the poo-poo pants sort-clearly, I can't be lining up in customs in that).

Q: What are your best tips for surviving a long-haul flight?


Top tip: I very rarely eat the food on the plane. I drink loads of water and try to get as much sleep as possible (in my comfy onesie). I do suggest slathering on lots of moisturiser, especially on the lower part of your legs. I find mine get really, really cracked when I travel. I always travel with my pillow-my actual pillow from my bed, not the travel variety.

Q: How do you look great at the beach...without makeup and styling?

The key is to find a bikini that makes you feel great and then get out and have a swim, soak up the sun and feel the sand under your feet. Frankly, who cares what your hair looks like? Head there with a great bag, a fluffy towel, a book and an icecream and have fun.

Q: What are your tips for keeping up a beauty/fitness routine while travelling?

Well, if you're on holiday, what on earth are you doing working out? Maybe that's just me. There really is no excuse not to exercise if that's what you need and want. But you can do planks in your room, or there are loads of great smartphone fitness apps people can use. Or go for a walk or swim or head down to the gym. Just do something that makes you feel happy. At the beginning of shoots usually I do more exercise as it makes me feel great. But really, who goes and works out after a long day's shooting? For me, if I'm not working out as much, I eat less. I've figured out that if I eat at 10am and 4pm - they're usually times where I don't eat as much.

Q: How do you pack a capsule wardrobe?

Honestly, I just pack in black, put some jeans in there and hope for the best. It's always good to have your basics, a great black dress, your jeans, a versatile skirt and then just change your tops. You can take your jeans from daytime to evening — just switch your top and pop on some heels and jewels. (I'm not really a high-heel person so I'll have a neutral heel and a black high heel, they go with everything.) Make sure you leave room in there so you can fit in the amazing new dress you just have to buy while you're away. If I'm going somewhere that requires evening wear or different fun outfits, I'm going to pack more shoes or a selection of dresses but if I'm going to the beach or something, I'll try to keep things to a minimum. Everyone tries to get the packing down to perfection but what's that about? That takes the fun out of it. Except if you're backpacking, then that's a whole different ballgame. Then you really need to have packing down.

Q: What are your highlights from season two of Tour of Beauty?

I think people are going to be really intrigued with the Rastafarian, what they use, eat and do in the Rastafari culture. I found going to Jamaica really eye-opening and fascinating. It was interesting meeting the older people getting face lifts in Florida too. In the Western culture, old people are kind of put to the side and in other cultures old people are really looked after. There is that need to open that door, take away that age barrier. These people still have this amazing energy and they want to be involved in life. And they feel like they need to look younger to really be included.

Beauty Trip

This season of Tour of Beauty takes Rachel around the US, Canada, South America and Jamaica. Some highlights along the way include:


This is where Rachel's international modelling career began. She meets modelling agency execs to see if she would make the grade today.


Rachel visits a Rastafarian village to learn the health and wellbeing secrets of the Rastafari.


Senior citizens in the Sunshine State are going under the knife in their 80s and 90s. Can you really look as young as you feel?


Rachel meets the world's No. 1 fitness trainer, who is helping locals from Houston — once known as one of America's fattest cities — shed the kilos. And at Nasa, she learns about health and beauty in space.


Hawaiian secrets to health and beauty are intrinsically connected to nature. How can visitors recreate the Hawaiian glow?


In Cusco, Rachel spends time with a local sharman before heading on a journey to the lost Inca citadel of Machu Picchu.


What are the health benefits of the traditional Alaskan diet and what health and beauty benefits do native plants hold?


In Buenos Aires, Rachel meets the women — and men — for whom beauty is a priority, and tries a local remedy for stress.


Vancouver is one of the greenest cities in the world — what are the beauty benefits? And how will Rachel go on a digital detoxify?


Rachel visits Silicon Valley to find out how technology is changing the health and beauty industry.

'Rachel Hunter's Tour of Beauty' season two premieres on TVNZ 1 on Wednesday, August 23.