One of the best things about travelling is exploring new cuisines - tucking into the local delicacies of a culinary capital is a treat many travellers can't resist.

New research from has explored the relationship between travel and food, finding that 51 per cent of global travellers indulge in some local cuisine within 24 hours of arrival in a new destination. In fact, seven out of ten (69 per cent) are so keen to try things out that they grab a bite within two hours.

So, where are the best places to get your favourite foods around the world?

For sensational seafood, check out Los Abrigos in the Spanish Canary Islands. Photo / Supplied
For sensational seafood, check out Los Abrigos in the Spanish Canary Islands. Photo / Supplied

Naturally, pizza lovers should head to Naples, Italy, as travellers rank this the best destination for the perfect pizza. Celebrated for culinary know-how, Naples offers not only the best pizza but is also a Unesco World Heritage Site with impressive archaeological riches. You can explore the beautiful, historic buildings before you break for a slice of the iconic Neapolitan pizza with tomatoes and mozzarella - it's a slice of heaven.


For sensational seafood, check out Los Abrigos, found on the Spanish Canary Islands, in Tenerife's south coast. The sun soaked coastal village is awash with colourful fishing boats and the charming harbour is the perfect backdrop to enjoy the local shellfish.

Try delectable dim sum in Trang, Thailand. This tranquil hideaway offers secluded beaches and sublime turquoise waters on Thailand's far southern coast. Ahead of a day spent relaxing on the fine white sands or uncovering the lagoons, waterfalls and hidden caves, enjoy a local tradition of dim sum for breakfast alongside some real Thai coffee.

Tokyo takes the first place for both sushi and ramen - no surprises there. Tokyo is one of the world's most exhilarating dining destinations and the city boasts the world's highest volume of Michelin stars. Beyond savouring these popular speciality dishes there is so much to see and do in this neon-bright lively city.

In New Zealand, the top spots for food as endorsed by travellers are Queenstown, Wellington and Auckland.

To find out where to head to for your favourite foodie dish, check out's top location for each as endorsed by millions of travel reviewers.

Most endorsed food destinations

Pizza - Naples, Italy
Seafood - Los Abrigos, Spain
Dim sum - Trang, Thailand
Sushi - Tokyo, Japan
Ramen - Tokyo, Japan
Paella - Valencia, Spain
Fish & Chips - Whitby, UK
High tea - Haputale, Sri Lanka
Chocolate - Hershey, USA
Waffles - Brussels, Belgium
Cheese - Tillamook, USA
Local food - Sao Paulo, Brazil
Shopping for food - Tokyo, Japan
Traditional food - Rome, Italy
Gourmet food - Paris, France
Vegetarian cuisine - London, UK
Halal food - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Healthy food - Istanbul, Turkey
Wine - Lodi, USA
Beer - Tychy, Poland
Cocktails - Lloret de Mar, Spain