Aimee Shaw flies from New Delhi to Amritsar on Air India’s AI114.

The plane:

A Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner. The plane stopped for a brief amount of time in New Delhi to refuel and pick up more passengers after flying direct from Birmingham, UK.

Class: Economy.

The seat: We had 33E and 33D - an aisle seat and middle seat, towards the front of the aircraft.


Price: A one-way domestic fare costs $95 - with a 25kg baggage allowance.

Flight time: Our flight was scheduled to depart at 12.40pm and land at Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport in Amritsar at 1.45pm. However, the flight was delayed by 30 minutes and we didn't arrive until 2.10pm. Once we got into the air the flight was a nice and quick 50-minute journey from the capital to the Holy City.

Food and drink: A mango juice box and an unusual mix of a brown-white bread cheese sandwich. I've flown Air India on a number of domestic flights in the past and I'm not shy to admit I'm a fan of their mango juice boxes and light snacks.

Entertainment: As this was previously an international flight making a pit-stop, the plane had entertainment systems - much to my excitement.

Modern with a good selection of new release films.

Service: Prompt, but it has to be given the duration of the flight. Snacks and drinks were served by friendly cabin crew. The captain informed us of expected turbulence - always good to be warned.

Toilets: Avoided at all costs. If you've ever flown Air India you'll know what I mean.

Usually a mess. Even before taking off there were no paper towels in the lavatories.

Fellow passengers: Mostly local passengers and Indian expats. Lots of confusion around us in regards to people sitting in the wrong seats prior to take-off.

Airport experience: After a chaotic and frustrating wait to clear security at Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi (we had just come in on a flight from London Heathrow) we had to run to our gate which was giving its final call. The flight didn't take off on time anyway so all the cardio to get to our gate - on the opposite side of the terminal - in time was for nothing.

Would I fly this again? Yes, this was my third time on this route and airline. Convenient, short and as long as you don't need the bathroom, it is always a pleasant flight.