Customer service can really make or break a hotel say.

And this hotel in Ireland may just have the best customer service in the world after it actually followed this customer's odd request, according to

When Irish native Daniel Buckley booked a night in a hotel at the Pembroke Hotel in Kilkenny, in southeast Ireland, he decided to put in a very strange and specific request when asked if he had any special requirements to make his stay more comfortable.

He never thought the hotel would actually oblige, but they did.


When Buckley arrived in his hotel room, sitting on a table was a framed image of actor Christopher Walken as he appeared in Pulp Fiction.

The prankster had told the Pembroke Hotel his father was an assistant to Walken during the shoot for Pulp Fiction, and so, seeing a photo to remind him of his father's achievements would make his stay even better.

"They've gone and bloody done it," he wrote in a post on social media, which has now gone viral.

But it's not the first time Buckley has gotten away with making an odd request to a hotel.

In 2015, he pulled off a similar prank when booking a hotel in Dublin. He requested a photo from the comedy series Father Ted, and his wish was granted then also.

So it just goes to show: ask and you shall receive.