The first chartered flight from Dunedin to see the Aurora Australis has delivered spectacular results.

Photographers including organiser Ian Griffin have published a series of images showing heavenly views of the southern sky taken from on board a chartered Boeing 767.

A time-lapse video also shows the close-up view of the phenomenon.

Tickets were priced at $3950 per pair of window seats in economy, and $8500 per pair in business class.


Last night's seven-hour flight took advantage of the equinox aurora effect, when there would be 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness.

The flight left Dunedin Airport about 9pm, heading as far south as 62deg, before returning early this morning.

The flight path would zigzag across the international dateline four times, so people on both sides of the aircraft could get a good view of the aurora, he said.