I love to watch sports and when I was in New York, I saw the opening game of the NBA season with Magic Johnson and David Beckham in the crowd. Then I went to see NHL ice hockey, where my favourite memory was the pre-game eating in a Hobby's Deli - an authentic Jewish Deli outside the stadium. I had my first experience of matzoh ball soup and a giant old-world tender pastrami sandwich. I also went to The Letterman Show before it ended, and was in the crowd to see him host Harrison Ford. I was shocked about how short he was, but he has the voice of a king!


Once we left New Zealand on Christmas Day - bound for Seoul, South Korea. I knew it was going to be cold because we normally always go back to Japan or China for New Year's, but I was unprepared for this kind of cold. We arrived in the evening to -11C, which I've never experienced before. The next day, the wind was biting. We went sightseeing in full gear - puffer jackets, Ugg boots, gloves, beanies. To warm ourselves up, we went into a hotpot restaurant and when I removed my gloves I realised something was wrong with my hands. All my fingers were swollen, and I couldn't remove my wedding ring. My finger was going blue, and I thought I had to go to hospital to cut it off. I quickly went to the bathroom and ran it under cold water and felt like I used a whole cake of soap to see if I could remove it. Fortunately after 25mins in the bathroom I managed to get it off . . . crisis averted.

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