Sophie Ryan flies SQ285 from New Zealand to Singapore.

The plane:

One of

Singapore Airlines

' 27 Boeing 777-300ERs.


The seat: I was fortunate to score an exit row seat in Economy. The seat had a generous recline, was very comfortable and had ample leg room. And though I did experience people loitering in front of my seat waiting for the bathroom, it didn't bother me. The middle seat in the row was free, which was useful as there is nowhere to stow hand luggage while seated in the exit row.

On time? Scheduled for 9hr, 12m, the flight arrived at Changi Airport 40 minutes early.

How full? I travelled on a public holiday and the flight was two-thirds full. The dreaded middle row was mostly vacant in Economy.

The food: Great and plentiful. Snacks to start and a lunch of either pork stroganoff or fried fish with Chinese noodles. The star of the lunch course was Kapiti triple chocolate icecream for dessert. A light dinner was provided, as well as sandwiches, chips, muesli bars, brownies and drinks in between. Everyone was pleasantly fed during the flight.

The entertainment: The 777-300ER features an 11.1-inch touchscreen monitor. The entertainment selection had a wide variety of Hollywood movies and TV boxsets, as well as a large selection of foreign language content.

The facilities: The airline provided a blanket, pillow, eye mask, toothbrush and toothpaste and socks for the flight. Wi-Fi was also available and is being rolled out on all Singapore Airlines 777-300ERs. The restrooms on board were comfortable and included a full-length mirror, which was handy for passengers who wished to change into something smarter before landing.

Fellow passengers: A variety of travellers, with many continuing on to other destinations from Singapore, I was told.

The service: All cabin crew were friendly, smiling and helpful. There were a couple of occasions of turbulence during which the crew was particularly mindful of trying to accommodate the passengers.

The bottom line: A very comfortable flight with fantastic service. I'd definitely fly again.