Me and my partner travelled to Vienna for Christmas and New Years in 2009. At the time my partner was playing in Romania on a basketball contract. We decided to catch a train from Cluj Napoca, a city in northwest Romania, to Vienna. The trip took a total of 16 hours with one layover stop in Budapest, Hungary. The main reason we both decided to spend our holiday in Vienna is because we found out online that they have the Imperial Treasury Museum at the Hofburg Palace, which they say has pieces from the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. I just love ancient artefacts, items that have a story and history behind them. During that time it was in the middle of winter so we both were battling through the cold snowy nights and days we spent there. We even had the chance to travel in horse carriages to get around Vienna. The driver would wrap us up in blankets in the carriage and would take us through the most beautiful sites in the city. We didn't know too much about the museum but once we got there we ended up seeing The Last Supper table cloth, Genghis Khan's first king's outfit and his crown, plus every monarch's items from the history of mankind.

The bonus part of the trip was visiting St Stephen's Cathedral, where we did a tour and went below the ground to the catacombs.

Our days and nights there were filled with discovering Viennese food and my favourites would have to be gluhwein and wiener schnitzel. Overall my trip to Vienna was awesome and I truly recommend that people go.


We were touring on the west coast of California and somewhere on the highway to Colorado we got a random DEA stop. The officers thought we had drugs on us and they stripped the van and even had dogs search for any contraband. They ruined the interior of the van and made a lot of mess through our luggage. It was a blazing hot day in the middle of the desert and we had to wait for hours while they called for back up. They were trying so hard to find something but they found nothing. We were left with the mess to clean up and because we hired the van we had to pay for the damages. That was an unpleasant experience.

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