When most travellers check in at a hotel the only extras they need from the front desk are pillows or a wake-up call - but some requests are far more bizarre than that.

In a new thread on Reddit, hotel workers have revealed the strangest or most amusing things guests have asked them to provide or do.

One anonymous employee said a 'British rock star' asked them to 'fetch his trousers' off his bed for a tip, while others revealed they have sourced framed photos of celebrities, including David Bowie and JK Rowling.

A TV wrapped in tinfoil


Reddit user DaveyDoes obliged when a guest had a very unusual request that related to the TV in her room.

He wrote: 'I think the "strangest" was the woman (probably mid 50's) who came to the desk and asked me to go up and wrap her TV in aluminum foil.

'She thought it was haunted. I did it. She was "happy" the rest of her visit.'

Framed pictures of celebrities

Most people have a favourite celebrity - be it a rock star, actor or athlete - but some people take their obsession a little further than others.

Multiple Reddit users said guests have asked them to bring framed photos of celebrities to their rooms.

A user named krquire11 wrote: 'I guess the most interesting thing that someone has asked for is a framed photo of David Bowie to be in the room upon check-in.'

Another user added: 'The most memorable was a guy who said he would only sleep in the room if we put a framed picture of J.K. Rowling in it.'

User HazelJoanne wrote: 'The strangest I ever had was after a guest booked a room for himself and three other males, he asked for a picture of Carrot Top in a frame on each bedside table.'

'Fetch my trousers'

Redditor nameisostrich worked at a Beverly Hills hotel that was a retreat for the rich and famous.

They wrote: "Used to work at a hotel in Beverly Hills and a British rock star gave me a £65 (NZ$120) tip to "fetch [his] trousers" off the bed in the other room and bring them to him."

The user didn't name names, but said it was "a much older rock star".

How big is the bathtub?

User LostinGA was surprised by one guest's question.

They wrote: "I've been asked how many people will fit in the bathtub."

The person who asked the unusual question didn't explain why they wanted to know.

The 'saddest' marriage proposal ever
A user named CykaBlad1 once worked at a budget hotel off an interstate in the US, and fielded a request from a romantic who was planning to propose to his girlfriend.

The user wrote: "We had a reservation come in asking for housekeeping to spell out 'will you marry me' with the peppermints they usually leave on the night stand for guests.

"I ordered the request but I felt bad for the lady getting proposed to in our roach motel."

A bag filled with drugs?

Redditor ld43233 had to fetch a bag for a guest from their brand new supercar.

But there was just one problem with it.

They wrote: "It was a leather gym just full of those super taped up blocks of (usually) drugs. Brought it to the rooms and got a $100 tips from a guy with eyes more bloodshot than the heartiest drunk.

"So yeah, I might have fetched a rich person their sack of party drugs."

Spare room for a blood-covered man?

A user named hv_19 used to work night reception for a budget hotel chain in the UK and was the only staff member on site.

She wrote: "I once had the police come in with a gentleman that was covered head to toe in his own blood and ask me to give him a room.

"I politely refused explaining that I was a young female (18) alone in the hotel and didn't want that responsibility.

"I wasn't privy to the circumstances, I just pointed them to the budget hotel across the street that had multiple staff working on a night shift."

Remove that 'devil' artwork

Guests once asked a hotel worker, a Reddit user named TheDevilsFair, to remove some artwork 'because they thought it was a picture of the devil'.

The user wrote: "It was Beast from Beauty and the Beast. They are attached to the wall. I had to call maintenance and explain that the guest thought the Beast was the devil and to just detach and remove it until they checked out."

Hold the balloons

The same Reddit user said the hotel she worked at accommodated a guest with a phobia of balloons.

The user wrote: "Obviously we couldn't control other guests buying balloons elsewhere, but upper management agreed to not give them out or display them while that one guest stayed (which I think is insane to withhold giving balloons because one adult woman was scared - the other 10000 people at the resort could have appreciated them)."

A large trash can and multiple trash bags

Redditor symbioterabbit worked maintenance for a hotel chain and had to help a biker gang that had booked a block of rooms and a conference room.

He wrote: "I brought the trash can to the room and found 12 guys and no furniture other than the TV and stand.

"I asked them where everything was and they said outside. Needless to say there were two beds, nightstands, a desk and a table out behind the hotel."