Diplomats tell us what Kiwis need to know about their homelands.

The thing you probably know about my country is:

It is completely flat. The highest point is 170m above sea level and our famous mountain, which translated into English is called

The Sky Mountain

, measures 147m above sea level.


But the thing you really should know is: Denmark is the home country of Lego, a name which comes from the Danish "Leg Godt", meaning "Play Well".

Over there, we think Kiwis are: Awesome! If you meet a Dane and mention you are from New Zealand you can be sure that they will tell you how much they dream about visiting your beautiful country.

On a short visit, you should: Visit Copenhagen. Go have a Danish Hotdog (sausage in a bread) and a gammeldaws (old fashioned) meaning an icecream in a cone with a sugary cream and jam on top. Tivoli is also a must. Opened in 1843, it is the second oldest amusement park in the world, located right in the heart of Copenhagen.

On a longer visit, you should: Explore the rest of the country. There is a lot of history, old buildings and great shopping. Go across the 18km bridge that connects Copenhagen to the mainland. Visit Odense, which is the home city of the world-famous fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen. Take the kids to Legoland, which is an amusement park built of Lego. Go shopping in Aarhus and explore the quaint town of Skagen at the very far North of Denmark.

Make sure you avoid: Snaps. Or at least know what you get yourself into if you are offered a shot of snaps (this will happen if you visit Denmark during Christmas time). The Danish snaps is not as you know it - it has 40 per cent alcohol and goes straight to your head, so watch out.

The weather is: Unpredictable. Bring lots of warm clothes and a rain jacket, as you don't want the weather to stop you from being outdoors.

Best way to get around: Bike! Denmark has got great bike lanes and is easy to get around. There is no better way to explore than on a bike.

Sarah Lund is the Head of Mission, Danish Trade Council.