Two conscientious parents found a way to avoid awkward situations while flying with their 18-month-old twin daughters by handing out goodie bags to other passengers.

The bags contained chocolate bars and ear plugs, along with a thoughtful note, and were passed out to nearby travellers on the flight from New Jersey to Florida.

An image of the note was later shared on the Facebook page Love What Matters by a named Christina Galese, who had also been on the flight.

"As I was boarding a flight from EWR to Orlando today, I noticed most people pass up two rows of seats about half way...

Posted by Love What Matters on Sunday, 3 July 2016

"Hello! Our names are Ashley & Abby," the note read. "We're twins, we just turned 18 months and this is our first time on an airplane!


"We'll try to keep our cool, but incase (sic) we decide to get crazy, we've provided a sweet treat and some earplugs for your enjoyment.

However, Ms Galese said the babies turned out to be very good travellers.

"The twins were the most adorable and well-behaved little girls ever," she wrote. "I never had to reach for the ear plugs once - the only time I opened the bag was to have a piece of chocolate."

While handing out goodie bags takes being considerate to the next level, it's an idea that some parents might benefit from - including the mother recently banned from flying with UK budget airline Ryanair for life.

The ban was handed out after her two-year-old son reportedly spat on passengers at Barcelona airport before a flight to Liverpool.

The bad behavior continued on the flight after the mother refused to secure her child and was abusive the cabin crew.

The mother, her husband and three children were escorted away from Liverpool John Lennon Airport by police, the Liverpool Echo reported.