Max Keydashian's Instagram shot of him snoozing on Air Force One got us wondering about the best way to sleep on a plane. Herewith a mug's guide to getting long-haul shut-eye.

1.) Don't do what Max is doing with his arm

This is a terribly uncomfortable position to hold for any length of time. You'll get hellish pins and needles. Try it. Go on: put your head there on the top side of your wrist and let the weight of your head push down on the wrist. Awful, isn't it? It'd be pretty much impossible to sleep like that on a plane wouldn't it. It's almost as if Max - gee, you don't think? - is totally posing for what's intended to look like a candid snap of a dude so blase about the highlife he naps on Air Force One. I mean, do you think somewhere on Air Force One, there's a comfy bed or a lie-flat seat?

2.) Don't max-out on movies


The light from the screen and the mental stimulus can make it hard to settle in for a snooze.

3.) Limit the booze

Have a glass of wine with your meal. Have a second, if you must. But remember: too much will keep you awake and make your sleep unsettled.

4.) Let medicine be your friend

Tell your GP about your upcoming long hauls and get some sleeping pills.

5.) Neck-rest and eye mask

Compulsory. The neck-rest will spare you from that reflex thing where you jerk your head back involuntarily.

5.) Mindset

Just accept the fact that you're not at home in the comfort of your own bed, so any sleep you manage won't be great. Be grateful for the sleep you get.

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