Going on an exotic trip is a real treat, but the holiday can be marred by the prospect of sitting through an uncomfortable long-haul flight.

Boredom, aching limbs, screaming children and the strong chance of picking up a heavy cold are just some of the cons of lengthy plane journeys.

But seasoned travellers have a number of tricks up their sleeves for making an eight-hour period in a cramped seat bearable.

On a Reddit thread, web users have been sharing the key items they take on every long-haul flight.


Everything from noise-cancelling headphones to thank-you presents for the cabin crew are touted as essentials for carry-on luggage.

One of the most popular themes in the forum was for items that help to tackle the boredom of flights, with many users suggesting different technology, including games modules and podcasts.

One user called Jjcareer said they take: "My phone, fully charged. All my music, ebooks, and offline games are already contained in its little package."

Another, called Pressburg, added: "As someone who finds planes incredibly boring, podcasts opened a whole new realm of possibilities."

But extra planning is needed if a traveller is going to rely on technology, with many adding a battery charger to their list, including Vegatripy, who said: "A USB power bank. I have a great one that can charge my phone around 6 times, and can charge two things at the same time."

An added benefit of technology is that it can eliminate other irritating aspects of flying, like loud fellow passengers.

One user, called Ggravelle, said: "[I use] noise cancelling headphones. Once you've used them, you'll never fly without them.

"I use Bose QC 15 headphones that are 5+ years old. Travelling frequently, the sound quality and reduction of white noise is remarkably different than normal earbuds. Don't knock it til you try it."

For others, the best item in their hand luggage to relieve boredom was some medication that would send them to sleep for the whole flight.

SeqretSanta said: "Xanax or Ambien. Take 2 wake me when we get there."

A specific type of clothing was also important to many who shared their flying essentials, although the items ranged from smart outfits to bed clothes.

One user called Ftumpsch was very simple with their sartorial requirements, stating: "[I need] pants that don't bunch up or get tight in the crotch."

Another called Saralk said she always packed "pyjama bottoms, a change of underwear and socks and a jumper".

One user called CorrectThoughts claimed wearing a suit was the key to a comfortable journey though, saying: "A suit in an airport is a fast pass through almost everything.

For others, keeping healthy was the top priority, with a user called Thatonegirlfrommath saying: "Baby wipes! After 12+ hours of flights and layovers, I always feel super gross.

"Baby wipes are easy to carry and you can wipe off your tray, your hands, your face, and even do a quick arm pit or crotch wash up to keep you feeling fresh."

Meanwhile, another, called Kissette, added: "Saline nasal spray. My nose always gets uncomfortably dry on flights that are 4+ hours. It's the only thing that saves me."

But one of the most helpful list of suggestions came from a professional flyer - a flight attendant who regularly takes international flights.

User Tigerlili07 said some of the key items in their carry-on luggage were as follows: "Flonase/ decongestant allergy medicine as my ears pop really bad when I'm clogged and not only is it painful, it can cause permanent damage.

"Also, sanitizer/antibacterial wipe as the tray table is one of the most bacteria-ridden places on the plane aside from the lavatory.

"And, depending on how far you are going... thank you gifts truly make the crew feel so appreciated and they will treat you like absolute gold.

"You can get a couple of big bags of candy and they will be over the moon about it. My personal policy is you scratch my back I scratch yours."