Diplomats tell us what Kiwis need to know about their homelands.

The thing you probably know about my country is...

it's the "Land of Smiles".

But the thing you really should know is... Thailand is the "Kitchen of the World" and a hub of world-class manufacturing facilities.

Over there, we think Kiwis are... nice and kind agriculturists, like Thai farmers from the far south.


On a short visit, you should... visit our popular tourist destinations, like Phuket, Samui and Chiang Mai to experience the richness of Thai culture.

On a longer visit, you should...

discover "Thainess" as Thai ways of life lead to a perfect blend between culture, modernisation and business opportunities.

Our national sport is... Muay Thai or Thai Boxing.

The one food thing you really should try is... tom yam koong (spicy prawn soup with fresh herbs).

Make sure you avoid... all kinds of trouble.

The weather is... warm, warmer and warmest.

A handy phrase you should know is... sawasdee (hello), kob khun (thank you) and aroi mak (very delicious).